Your membership dues go toward providing neighborhood events and services, including our newsletter.

We have 800 homes in our neighborhood, 1/8th of which are members of the association. We would love to see this number increase! If you have not yet been a member, please consider becoming one by using the membership application form, the link to which is below.

View or Download the Membership form.

One thought on “Membership

  1. I am not sure if we have even paid our dues but I will do so if someone could let me know. After that, I wonder if I should put an ad in the newsletter regarding getting someone to plow our driveway this coming winter. Our neighbor Mike on Lowell Street is moving out of the neighborhood. We have a very narrow driveway which is why we could not get regular plow service. Please let me know how to proceed. We are at 140 Baynton NE. TYVM!

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