Block Captain Program

What is a Block Captain?

A block captain is an ambassador of the Neighborhood Association whose duties include attending events, greeting new residents, distributing the newsletter, helping to organize block parties, and maintaining an overall awareness of the activities on their block. The Block Captain’s responsibility is to observe and report suspicious persons, vehicles and activities to the neighbors on their respective block and the police when necessary.

The best way you can contribute to the success of the Block Captain Program is by getting to know your neighbors.


4-165 Alten Tim Fournier
213-354 Alten Sherry & Mark Gotshall
12-142 Arthur Joel Swietenga
37-133 Auburn Kevin Kelling
13-165 Baynton Becky Zobl
165-355 Baynton Fred Stella
16 – 143 Benjamin Dustin Will
East Terrace Fred Dryg
40-400 Fuller OPEN
5-167 Holmdene Samantha Lee
168-354 Holmdene Kyle & Rachel Roseman
16-105 Lawndale Rachael & Steve Kohn
200-337 Lawndale Sam Warber
13-163 Lowell  OPEN
13-163 Mayfield OPEN
212-348 Mayfield OPEN
05-333 Plymouth Al Couch
08-163 Wallinwood Margret Mary Woodruff
212-348 Wallinwood Elizabeth Jermstad

Updated March 2016.

For local crime reports, please visit the official Grand Rapids Police Department Crime Mapping Website.