Fulton Heights Neighborhood Association

Fulton Heights is a beautiful community in Grand Rapids, MI.

The FHNA is a non-profit organization made up of neighbors and friends in the Fulton Heights area of Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are one of the older neighborhoods in Grand Rapids lying between Heritage Hill and East Grand Rapids. Even though the Fulton Heights area extends from Eastern Ave to Plymouth Ave, the neighborhood association’s boundaries are Fuller Ave, Michigan Ave, Fulton St, and Plymouth Ave. We proactively work with both the Fulton Heights & Michigan Ave Business Districts.

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Our Mission

Fulton Heights Neighborhood Association
A Nonprofit Organization of Neighborhood Residents

Our mission is to sustain a welcoming neighborhood that fosters interaction and communication among residents. We advocate for the neighborhood and keep residents informed.

In order to fulfill this mission, the Association does the following:

  • • Represent the neighborhood in civic matters
  • • Provide forums for communication
  • • Support local business
  • • Host events to foster social interaction within the neighborhood
  • • Facilitate appropriate charitable projects
  • • Coordinate activities that benefit the neighbors
  • • Promote safety awareness and communication through the Block Captain Program
  • • Manage and maintain the FHNA Hillcrest Community Garden