Membership Meeting November 14, 2016

Monday The Fulton Heights Neighborhood Association hosted our Fall Membership Meeting at Mayfair. Special thanks goes out to Lightfast for providing coffee, The Cheese Lady and D’Arts Donuts for providing treats!

Among the business that was conducted, there was a call for volunteers to serve on the Garden Sign Committee (contact if interested), Sue Hartman introduced herself as the new Block Captain Coordinator, Rachael Roseman (Treasurer) presented suggested amendments to the Bylaws of the Fulton Heights Neighborhood Association (see those amendments and reasoning here) which were motioned to vote and passed. See everything that was covered and  check out the meeting minutes HERE.

Want to make sure your voice is heard? Membership meetings are conducted at least twice a year so that the membership may vote on important issues, and be kept informed. At these meetings Board members are elected, and anyone can suggest a motion or call a vote. Attending these meetings is the best way to make sure the Board and the neighborhood hears your voice!