Healthy Homes Coalition Seeks Encore! Volunteers

Healthy Homes is seeking Encore! Volunteers, adults who are interested
in helping out 1-2 hours a week by installing CO and smoke alarms,
mentoring families, and ridding homes of pests.

CO/Smoke Alarm Installation

Thanks to a grant from FEMA, Healthy Homes has hundreds of carbon
monoxide detectos and smoke alarms that need to be installed!

Volunteers will be trained and sent in pairs to the homes of families
we are currently serving. This project usually lasts two hours,
depending upon the number of families scheduled for installations.

Family Mentors

Healthy Homes is seeking experienced adult volunteers to be mentors
for the families we serve. As mentors they will come alongside
families, encourage them, help connect them to community resources,
and work with them to create family action plans to ensure a healthy

Integrated Pest Management

Healthy Homes is always looking for volunteers to become a part of the
Healthy Homes’ Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

Become a part of a team and learn:

Why pests invade some homes and not others.
How to eliminate pests using safe and environmentally friendly methods.
How to inspect homes for pest evidence.
Pests can trigger asthma in young children, so IPM volunteers play an
essential role in keeping homes healthy and safe!

Volunteer Newsletter Editor

Healthy Homes is looking for someone interested in helping put
together a six-page, quarterly newsletter. This volunteer would be
largely responsible for the layout, editorial decision-making, as well
as making sure that content deadlines are met. The hours of this
position may be expanded to include editorial work on Healthy Homes’
web page, blog, and Facebook page.

Social Justice Advocacy

The participants in this project will canvass neighborhoods, speak
with individuals to determine tenant needs, and engage in conversation
to help them see that they are not alone and can be empowered to
change their situation. Tenants will be encouraged to attend monthly
group meetings to obtain the information and skills they need to
affect the changes they deserve. Canvassing will be done in target
areas in pairs.

To volunteer, or if you have any questions about volunteering, please
contact Brittany at Healthy Homes Coalition at (616) 241-3300 or email

Brittany Schlosser
Volunteer Coordinator

742 Franklin Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507
ph: (616) 241.3300
fx: (616) 241.3327

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