Spring is here…though it may be hard to tell with the crazy winter we
have had this year. Garage sale season will soon be upon us so it’s time to get organizcommunity-garage-sales-xcidqslaed!

Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 17th and start cleaning
out the drawers, closets, basement and garage to get ready for the big day.

The Fulton Heights Neighborhood Association will take care of advertising
and will be placing ads in the Grand Rapids Press as well as on craigslist. There will also be signs posted at various
entrances to the neighborhood. Feel free to post your own signs as

What a great opportunity to sell some treasures and earn some extra
cash! All costs associated with the neighborhood garage sale are paid for
with membership dues, so please join today and help support great events
like these!

One thought on “ANNUAL FHNA GARAGE SALE: Saturday, May 17th

  1. Bettina, could you include us in the garage sale by placing a sign at corner of fulton and wallinwood? Our address is 17 Wallinwood NE. If you have any questions please call me at 447-0091. thank you for organizing this event.

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