1542 Michigan Street Apartment Homes

During the board meeting on 1/21/19, neighbor Mark McDowell, Developer Miria Rabideau and CopperRock Construction representative Trevor Petroelje presented the following development plans to the board.

We are posting this information for neighborhood knowledge as part of the FHNA Board’s mission to facilitate communication within our neighborhood.



Project: 1542 Michigan Street Apartment Homes

Project Team:

Developer – Redstone Properties – Miria@Redstone-Group.com Miria Rabideau

Design – MEM Designs  – Mark McDowell mark@mem-designs.com

Fulton Heights Resident. Lives on Alten and property backs up to the proposed development. Was on the Community Garden Community and designed the entry sign.

Construction – CopperRock Construction www.CopperRock.com – Trevor Petroelje

Project Overview:

Construct a new 2 story 30-unit apartment building to the south of the existing 12-unit apartment building located at 1542 Michigan Street NE. A retaining wall along the east property line will allow the building to sit lower on the site. This will only expose the upper portion of the second floor the neighbors on Alten Avenue.

Unit Mix:

The new building will consist of (16) two-bedroom units, (8) one-bedroom units, and (6) studio units.


In addition to the existing 14 carport spaces there is proposed an additional 70 parking spaces for the 42 total units. Bicycle racks are also being provided in a designated carport area. Parking will be contained to the property and will not affect any current on-street parking. The access to the apartments will be off Michigan Street and will not flow through the neighborhood.

Occupancy Standards:

Two (2) persons per bedroom, all persons over the age of 18 are subject to the following criteria: Credit History, Rent-to-Income Ratio must be verified as at least 3 times the amount of the monthly rent, No Guarantors, Check Writing History, Criminal Background, and 6-months of verifiable income


Redstone Properties will be managing this property. Over 28 years of experience in the multi-family industry.


Trees will be planted along the west property line to screen the neighbors on Baynton from the parking. Evergreen trees will be placed on top of the retaining wall on the east property line for additional screening. Trees will also be planted on the south property line to screen the homes on Innes.

View Images and Specifications below.